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you’re under my dictatorship.
Rule 1, no disobeying. Rule 2, always address me as daddy, sir or master. Rule 3, always show daddy what you’re wearing every day (especially if you changed outfits). Rule 4, call more than text. Rule 5, be comfortable around daddy. Rule 6, be honest with daddy. Rule 7 have a “back to normal” safe word of my choice which would be “serious”. Rule 8, only sleep with daddy on the phone. Rule 9, always text daddy good morning and good night if we’re not on the phone at night or morning. Rule 10, if something is bothering you always come to daddy about it.
1. Don't put yourself down.
2. Always tell daddy what's on your mind.
3. Don't stay up too late.
4. Respect yourself and know that you are everything to daddy.
5. Don't push daddy away if things are wrong or your upset over something.
6. Weekday bedtime is 11 30, weekend is 1230.
7. Don't ever think daddy's mad with you, I won't ever get mad at you.
8. Be patient when daddy's thinking about stuff or is doing new things.
9. Baby needs to follow daddy's rules.
10. Always tell daddy if you wanna try something new.
11. Tell daddy if you really like a thing daddy does to you.
12. You can't say/believe/think that you are anything that could even slightly put yourself down or make you feel bad about yourself
13. no lying to daddy
14. always tell daddy if you want daddy to do something to you, or if you want to do something for daddy
15. daddy is in charge
16. daddy has to know when you break a rule
17. always answer questions truthfully
18. tell daddy when you're having sugar at night
19. no candy after 10
20. Always be submissive
21. Never doubt daddy
22. Daddy will always love you.
23. You need to tell daddy how you feel. Always.
24. When daddy says it's time to sleep, it's time to sleep
25. Daddy knows best
26. Whenever we can, always ft daddy for you to sleep

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